Songs driven by thunderous drumming

'In Bloom' - Nirvana -
Drummer Dave Grohl's work on 'In Bloom,' taken from Nirvana's 1991 album 'Nevermind,' is memorable for his sharing vocal harmony duties with Kurt Cobain.

'Toad' - Cream -
The five-minute drum solo performed by Ginger Baker on 'Toad' was one of the earliest recorded by a rock group. 

'My Generation' - The Who -
Keith Moon is up there with John Bonham as one of rock music's most influential drummers.

'Let's Dance' - David Bowie -
Two drummers, Omar Hakim and Tony Thompson, worked with David Bowie on his seminal 1983 album 'Let's Dance.'

'Come Together' - The Beatles -
'Abbey Road' is famous for featuring Ringo Starr's one and only drum solo. 

'One' - Metallica -
Lars Ulrich is the motor behind Metallica, and with 1989's 'One' he sets the scene with a rapid-fire drum beat akin to a machine gun.

'Hound Dog' - Elvis Presley -
Drummer D.J. Fontana was the unsung hero of numerous Elvis Presley numbers. But it's his frantic machine gun breaks in 'Hound Dog'

'Raining Blood' - Slayer -
Slayer's signature song was released in 1986. Drummer Dave Lombardo heads the charge, with an urgent tap-tap-tap before the guitars kick in. 

'Fire' - The Jimi Hendrix Experience -
AllMusic critic Matthew Greenwald in a retrospective review describes Mitch Mitchell's work on 'Fire' as "polyrhythmic jazz-inspired drumming."

'Instant Karma' - John Lennon -
John Lennon's pounding 1970 hit 'Instant Karma' is lifted considerably by Alan White's inspired drumming. 

'Brick House' – The Commodores -  The dance-influenced track is helped along the way by a sexy drum roll intro that has a serious crush on the cymbals.

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