Songs inspired by Queen Elizabeth II

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'Elizabeth My Dear' by The Stone Roses: -One of the finest bands to ever come out of Manchester, Ian Brown's The Stone Roses were not as kind in their words towards the Queen as other artists. 

'The Queen and the Soldier' by Suzanne Vega: -Suzanne Vega's song tells the tale of a soldier who questions allegiance to Queen and country, and confronts the Queen directly about it.

'Dreaming of the Queen' by Pet Shop Boys: -Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe not only wrote a song where the Queen features, but Princess Diana is also present

'Queen Elizabeth's Pum Pum' by Lee "Scratch" Perry: -The late Jamaican record producer and singer Lee "Scratch" Perry makes reference to the Queen's "pum pum,"

'On Her Silver Jubilee' by Leon Rosselson: -Leon Rosselson's song takes us on a journey through Queen Elizabeth II's life, from her coronation in 1953 to her Silver Jubilee in 1977.

'God Save the Queen' by Sex Pistols: -This iconic punk rock anthem is probably one of the first songs that come to mind when one thinks about songs inspired by the Queen.

'Her Majesty' by The Beatles: -Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and featured in the Fab Four's 1969 album 'Abbey Road,' 

'The Queen is Dead' by The Smiths: -'The Queen is Dead' is not just about the band's dislike for the monarchy.

'Rule Nor Reason' by Billy Bragg: -The British artist paints a rather sad image of the Queen in this song. The lyrics go:

'The Man Comes Around' by Johnny Cash: -Unlike other songs on this list, this one by the Man in Black was actually inspired by a dream about Queen Elizabeth II.

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