Spooky snack ideas for your Halloween party

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Zombie finger cookies: -Shape cookie dough into finger-sized rolls. Press the sides to give them a more authentic finger shape.

Spiderweb mini pizzas: -The black olive spider comes in handy again with this spiderweb mini pizza.

Pumpkin hummus: -Add pumpkin puree to your homemade hummus for the ideal party snack. 

Spider thumbprint cookies: -The thumbprint cookie is a classic, but you can change it up by filling the middle with chocolate and placing a Malteser on top. 

Severed finger dogs: -This one is incredibly easy to do and packs quite a punch if you really want the Halloween gross-out factor.

Spectral donuts: -Ice or stick a couple of eyes onto some powdered donuts and they'll look like surprised ghosts.

Pastry snakes: -This quick, savory snack comes together with some store-bought pastry rolled in twists. 

Eyeball hors d'oeuvre: -Take a mini mozzarella ball and stuff it with a pimento olive.

Cookies monsters: -This is yet another treat that requires no baking on your part, unless you choose to do homemade cookies. 

Devil's eggs: -Deviled eggs are a classic party snack, but you can turn them into devil's eggs by adding black olive spiders on top.

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