Soul food digesting the history American cuisine

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Dengue Fever: - This deadly disease is transmitted through mosquitos in tropical regions of the world.

Juneteenth: -The announcement was celebrated unofficially by freed slaves in Texas. 

Proclamation of Emancipation: -Soul food has its roots back in the 19th century, specifically when President Abraham Lincoln.

Home cooking: -Soul food, however, originated in the home cooking of the rural South—mostly in Georgia.

Soul food appears on restaurant menus: -During this period, many aspects of African-American culture—including soul music.

General Order No. 3: -Two years later on June 19, 1865, Union Army general Gordon Granger issued General Order No3.

"Black pride": -The term "soul food" was first used in 1964 during the rise of "black pride,"

What's cooking:-Following their emancipation from slavery in the 1860s, African-American cooks expanded on the coarse diet.

Crossover meals: -In fact, African Americans employed as cooks in white households incorporated the influence of their employers.

Great Migration: -The widespread migration of African Americans from rural communities in the South to large cities in the North.

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