Stars who dropped dead on stage

Mikaben -
Haitian singer Mikaben, real name Michael Benjamin, died in the middle of a concert in Paris on October 15 2022.

Tiny Tim -
This strange singer was behind the horror hit, 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips.' He collapsed during a performance of the song at a benefit show, and died a few hours later.

Lee Morgan -
A legend of jazz, Lee Morgan was killed by his common-law wife while performing in New York. 

Sib Hashian - Sib Hashian was a drummer for Boston, who died in 2017, after collapsing in the middle of a performance aboard a cruise ship.

Alan Marshal - Alan Marshal was a prolific actor on film and stage. His final play was 'Sextette,' which was when he suffered a heart attack on stage.

Mark Sandman -
Front man of rock band Morphine, Mark Sandman suffered a heart attack on stage at the Giardini del Principe festival in Italy. He died en route to the hospital.

Detsl -
This Russian rapper died in 2019, suffering a heart attack after stepping off stage. He was 35.

Darrell Abbott -
Also known as Dimebag Darrell, the Pantera and Damageplan guitarist was shot and killed by Nathan Gale, who snuck into a Damageplan concert in 2004.

John Taylor -
The revered jazz pianist had a heart attack at the Saveurs Jazz Festival in 2015. He died later at the hospital.

Joseph Keilberth -
In 1968, Joseph Keilberth collapsed while conducting 'Tristan und Isolde.' Felix Mottl was another conductor who died in the exact same place in 1911.

Warne Marsh - Marsh was a saxophonist and member of band Supersax. He died on stage at Donte's, playing the song 'Out of Nowhere.'

Leonard Warren -
Warren was a revered opera singer, who collapsed straight after performing 'Urna Fatale del Mio Destino' ('Fatal Urn of My Destiny') in New York.

Brandon Lee -
Son of Bruce Lee, this actor died on set of 'The Crow,' when he was shot by a faulty prop gun.

Eric Morecambe -
One half of famous comedy couple Morecambe and Wise, Eric had a heart attack right after stepping offstage at the Roses Theater in England.

P. C. Sorcar -
Sorcar was a hit magician in India, but died of a heart attack in Hokkaido, Japan, during a show in 1971.

Papa Wemba -
This Congolese musician collapsed during a performance in the Ivory Coast. He was 66.

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