Stars who love thrift shops

Macklemore -
The rapper couldn't have been more vocal about his love for thrift shops with his breakout single 'Thrift Shop' being an ode to them.

Courtney Love - Love has shopped so much at thrift stores that she helped coin the phrase "thrift store chic."

Kurt Cobain -
Just like his counterpart Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain was also one for wearing second-hand clothes.

Julia Roberts -
The millionaire actress will shop at a second-hand store near her ranch in New Mexico with her children now and again.

Anne Hathaway -
Hathaway is pretty committed to sustainable clothing. She even wore only second-hand clothes for the entire promo tour of 'Colossal' (2016).

Sarah Jessica Parker -
Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon, and before 'Sex and the City' she would shop at thrift stores so she could afford to look how she wanted to.

Helen Mirren -
Mirren buys all of her clothes at charity shops when she travels to places with cold climates. She brings nothing with her.

Gwen Stefani -
From a Hollaback Girl to a down-to-earth girl, being rich and famous doesn't stop Stefani from shopping at thrift stores.

Kristen Bell -
On the subject of her children's clothing, Bell says, “I buy a ton of their clothes secondhand."

Lorde -
Lorde is also known to shop at thrift stores. Her breakout single 'Royals' expressed a disregard for consumerist and wasteful Western culture.

Janelle Monáe -
For Monáe, it's not about the money. She shops at thrift stores because it ensures that her outfit is original.

Jada Pinkett Smith - Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter, Willow, have been spotted many times shopping at thrift stores in Santa Monica in California.

Alice Cooper -
Cooper was so keen on shopping at thrift stores that he ended up opening his very own, called Alice's Attic, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kylie Minogue - The singer was spotted shopping at a Salvation Army in Melbourne, Australia.

Eva Mendes - Mendes once wore a US$6 Goodwill dress to a red carpet event and did her hair and makeup, too.

Eddie Vedder -
The Pearl Jam front man has even purchased some of his instruments from thrift stores.

The singer got in the habit of buying the coolest and "most expensive" clothes above the register at thrift stores.

Lara Spencer -
The television anchor has been very vocal about her love for thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales.

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