30 strange facts you didn't know about DNA

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Typing the human genome: - Imagine typing 60 words per minute and doing so eight hours a day. 

201,000 pages: - Our entire genome would fill 201,000 pages worth of Yellow Pages.

Risk of disease: - DNA can help predict a person's inherited risk of disease. 

What causes gene mutation: - A lot of factors can cause a gene mutation: environmental forces such as UV.

Chemical building blocks: - DNA is made of four building blocks: the nucleotides adenine (A), cytosine (C).

DNA affected by environment: - A person's environment has an influence on their DNA. 

Gene mutation: - Changes in genetic information are called mutations.

Discovery of DNA: - Nobel Prize winners James Watson and Francis Crick are not the ones who discovered DNA.

Red blood cells: -Most of the cells in your body contain DNA, except for red blood cells.

Genome: - An organism's complete set of DNA, with all of its genes, is called a genome.

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