Strange things that are worth a lot on the black market

Laundry detergent: Have you ever wondered why laundry detergent is sometimes locked up in the grocery store.

Laundry detergent: They would then resell the detergent at a highly discounted price, making it part of “organized retail crime,” or ORC.

Flight attendant uniforms: There are some obvious security risks surrounding posing as a flight attendant, which is why they're not commercially available to people.

Flight attendant uniforms: Interestingly, the reason most people in Japan were so eager to get their hands on these uniforms was not to attempt to sneak onto commercial flights.

Fake degrees: School can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, but you can get a real-looking degree for much less time and money.

Fake degrees: These “diploma mills,” as they're called, make millions of dollars each year making these fake documents.

Sand: While most people associate sand with a relaxing day on the beach, there's another world in which it's associated with violent crime.

Sand: Specifically sand from around water sources is in high demand because desert sand grains are too round for construction.

Scarily realistic masks: High-quality silicone masks that are human-passing are a hot commodity on the black market.

Scarily realistic masks: But what are people using them for? The black market is the best place to buy a mask and then commit a crime in disguise.

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