Stress-free jobs with high salaries

Economist - Economists make an average of US$109,230 every year. You’ll only need a Bachelor’s degree to get this job.

Astronomer - Astronomers make an average of US$110,220 on an annual basis. A PhD is required for most research jobs in this field.

Actuary - Actuaries make around US$110,560 on an annual basis. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree for a chance at this job.

Mathematician - It shouldn’t take much guessing to figure out what a mathematician does. Most math-related jobs are involved in education.

Orthodontist - Everyone needs to take care of their teeth. If you don’t, orthodontists are the ones to take care of you.

Computer hardware engineer - This job involves researching, designing, developing, and testing computer equipment.

Optometrist - An optometrist is someone who works with eyes, specifically in healthcare.

Physicist - It’s not an easy job, and you may need a PhD for it. However, you could make US$118,500.

Law teacher - Navigating the law can be very stressful, but educators in the field tend to keep calm.

Computer and Information systems manager - This job generally requires a Bachelor’s degree, but you could be making up to US$141,000 a year.

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