Tips for finding meaningful work

A new concept: Finding work that not only pays the bills but that we also find meaning and purpose in is a relatively new concept.

Work before: For example, work during the Industrial Revolution was a means to an end, a way of making ends meet.

Choice paralysis: However different things are today, it is important to keep in mind that being confused about career choice is perfectly normal.

It is achievable, but not common: Although confusion is natural, and fear also plays a huge factor in finding meaningful work.

Adopting a pragmatic approach: For a lot of people, your innate strengths won’t be obvious.

Everyone has strengths: Everyone has something that they are relatively good at.

Meaning might not be obvious: Most people find work meaningful when they are helping people, in one form or another. 

We are unprepared: We should have empathy for ourselves if we have not yet located work that is entirely fulfilling.

We are not shown how: In general, throughout the world, schooling systems fail to prepare us for finding work that is fulfilling for us.

Bills and life get in the way: Many companies in the world are looking to make a quick buck, and it’s very easy to end up working.

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