Sweet and savory peanut recipe ideas

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Peanut poke bowl: -For a tasty summertime treat, throw together over sushi rice some diced cucumbe.

Salted caramel round cake with peanuts: -How about this to round off a dinner?.

Peanut brittle: -The old favorite, peanut brittle was supposedly invented purely by accident in 1890 when a woman somewhere in the southern .

Milk fudge with roasted peanuts: -Got a sweet tooth? Well, a couple of homemade milk fudge cubes mixed with roasted peanut halves should do the trick.

Sea bass with peanuts: -Salty peanuts are a fabulous flavor component and always work well with fish. 

Chocolate cake with peanut butter: -When diet is a dirty word, bite into a slice of dark chocolate layer cake with peanut butter.

Beef steak with peanut sauce: -Propose a marriage of succulent beef steak with a rich, creamy peanut sauce and garnish of broccoli.

What can you do with peanuts?: -The humble peanut is far more than a salty bar snack. Indeed, its potential as a cooking ingredient is extraordinary.

Butternut pumpkin hummus with peanuts: -Enjoyable year round but especially tempting in the fall, spicy butternut pumpkin hummus.

West African peanut soup: -This scrumptious supper dish idea owes more than a nod to the authentic west African soups.

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