Taking a look at Lithuania

Welcome to Vilnius -
A visit to Lithuania invariably begins in Vilnius, the country's capital.

Vilnius Castle -
The most obvious historic landmark is Vilnius Castle, or more specifically the remains of the Upper Castle.

Cathedral bell tower -
The cathedral's freestanding belfry was once part of the city's 13th-century defenses, a sturdy 57-m (187 ft) obstacle to any attack. 

Presidential Palace -
Located in the Old Town, the Presidential Palace is the official seat of the president of Lithuania. 

Gate of Dawn -
The Gate of Dawn is the last surviving example of five 16th-century portals that served as part of the city's defensive fortifications.

Vilnius University -
For a more scholarly diversion, tread the hallowed halls of Vilnius University. Founded in 1576.

Uzupis -
Make sure to include Uzupis on your Vilnius sightseeing itinerary. This delightful neighborhood is appreciated for its bohemian vibe and laissez-faire atmosphere. 

Trakai -
Lying 28 km (17 miles) west of Vilnius is enchanting Trakai, a historic city and lake resort known principally for Traki Island Castle, one of Lithuania's picture-perfect destinations.

Kaunas -
Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania and has its own share of standout museums and monuments to entice the visitor.

Kaunus Castle -
Kaunus Castle is another fine example of Gothic architecture. Completed in the mid-14th century.

Pazaislis Monastery -
Set on a peninsula in the Kaunas Reservoir, this stand-alone gem of a destination is the most renowned example of Baroque architecture in the country. 

The Devil’s Museum -
Kaunus boasts dozens of museums, but none quite so bizarre as the Devil's Museum.

Parnidis Dune, Nida -
Parnidis Dune is one of the prime relief formations in the whole Curonian Spit, a 52-m (170 ft) sand mountain crowned by a sundial with a granite obelisk.

Cormorant and heron colony, Juodkrante - Juodkrante on the northern reaches of the Curonian Spit is home to one of Europe's largest colonies of cormorants and grey herons.

Nemunas Delta Regional Park -
Nemunas Delta Regional Park encompasses a wetland delta of exceptional beauty.

Lithuanian Ethnocosmology Museum, Kulionys - The world's first-ever museum dedicated to the study of ethnocosmology is located in the village of Kulionys.

Kedainiai Old Town -
Another wonderful example of yesteryear Lithuania is Kedainiai Old Town, one of seven such "Old Town" destinations in the country.

Zuvintas Nature Reserve -
The first protected nature reserve established in Lithuania, Zuvintas is named for the lake that is a paradise for water birds. 

National bird of Lithuania -
A much loved resident of Zuvintas as well as the aforementioned Nemunas Delta Regional Park is the white stork. 

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