Talented stars who danced ballet

Natalie Portman -
Portman studied ballet since she was 13 years old, but still found herself completely unprepared for her role as a ballerina in 'Black Swan' in 2010.

Mila Kunis - Kunis trained four hours a day seven days a week for seven months to co-star with Portman in 'Black Swan.'

Sarah Jessica Parker -
The 'Sex and the City' star learned to dance ballet as a youngster.

Charlize Theron -
Charlize Theron attended the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC. She was eventually forced to put her ballet career plans aside due to a knee injury.

Christian Bale -
Bale took ballet classes as a young child.

Jennifer Garner -
Garner practiced ballet while growing up in Virginia.

Patrick Swayze -
It's not that hard to believe that the 'Dirty Dancing' (1987) star practiced ballet. His mother was a dance teacher.

Naomi Campbell -
The British model and actress learned ballet from a young age and attended the Italia Conti Academy of the Theatre Arts in London.

Amy Adams -
The actress learned to dance ballet as a child and still expresses her love for the art.

Zoe Saldana -
Saldana wasn't just a ballet dancer before starring in films like 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (2014) and 'Avatar' (2009): she was a ballet teacher.

Diane Kruger -
The actress attended the Royal Ballet School in London, also ending her dance career with a knee injury.

Jamie Bell -
Bell first started ballet when he accompanied his sister to some classes as a child. He was later chosen out of 2,000 boys to play Billy Elliot.

Nina Dobrev -
'The Vampire Diaries' star took ballet and jazz lessons.

Megan Mullally -
The 'Will & Grace' actress started ballet when she was six years old in Oklahoma City and attended the School of American Ballet in the summers.

Jenna Elfman -
The 'Dharma & Greg' sitcom actress started ballet at age five and danced in music videos for Depeche Mode and ZZ Top.

Sarah Hay -
Before Hay was cast as the lead in the mini-series 'Flesh and Bone' in 2015, she danced with Semperoper in Dresden, Germany.

Emily Tyra -
Hay's 'Flesh and Bone' co-star Emily Tyra is also trained in ballet.

Sasha Radetsky -
The former American Ballet Theatre soloist also appeared in 'Flesh and Bone' and got his first taste of acting in 2000 in 'Center Stage.'

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