The benefits of eating together

The state of affairs: In the US, the majority of families barely eat one meal together more than four or five days a week.

What is this doing to us:  These worrying habits are growing in countries all over the world.

The effects on children: Research from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development suggests that students.

Weight issues: In terms of physical health, children who don’t eat with their parents at least twice a week.

Mental health: What’s more, children who eat with their parents five or more days a week demonstrate healthier eating habits.

Benefits for every age: The mental and physical advantages of eating together are endless, and while many of them are particularly beneficial for children.

Better eating habits for children: Eating with family has been shown to contribute to a better overall diet, particularly in adolescents.

Better eating habits for children: Adolescents who eat with their families regularly have been shown to consume 

Reduces issues with weight in adulthood: A study from the Journal of Pediatrics found that eating together as a family.

Reduces issues with weight in adulthood: Naturally, if we’re eating more home-cooked meals and less fast food.

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