The benefits of home cooking

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Calories: -In the average fast food takeaway portion, there are a whopping 1,200 calories! Perhaps you are thinking that this is because it's fast food.

Relax: -If you take a moment when your cooking to meditate on the smells, tastes, and sounds of the meal you're making.

Skills: -It is always beneficial for people to improve their skill set in a certain field. 

Fun!: -It may seem like hard work, but if you have a positive mindset, cooking is a really fun activity.

Connection: -A key benefit to home cooking is that it can be done by whole the family, together. 

Money: -One thing is absolutely certain: it's more expensive in the long run to order food than it is to buy the ingredients and cook.

Personal taste: -When you cook for yourself you can be creative, whereas with a restaurant menu you are constrained by the choices they give you.

Distraction: -Whether you are good or bad at it, cooking is an activity that takes all of your attention away from the trials of the day.

Health: -A sinister characteristic of takeout food is that you do not really know what's inside it. 

Time: -Ordering in may seem like a time-saving endeavor, but it can actually take around the same time as cooking, with much less nutritional value.

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