The best crime shows of all time

'You' -
This show stars Penn Badgley as a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with a female writer and uses social media to manipulate her into dating him.

'Twin Peaks' -
Considered a cult classic, the series follows FBI Agent Dale Cooper who tries to solve a murder in the quiet, rainy town of Twin Peaks in Washington state.

'Dexter' -
Set in Miami, the show follows a serial killer who controls his murderous urges by hunting victims who are already guilty of other crimes.

'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' -
Also known as 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,' this anthology show was an extension of Hitchcock’s feature films. 

'Sons of Anarchy' -
'Sons of Anarchy' focuses on a dangerous biker gang full of outlaws in California’s Central Valley and the inner conflicts of the club’s vice president.

'Sherlock' -
In this BBC adaptation, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the emotionless detective Sherlock Holmes, while Martin Freeman plays Watson.

'Peaky Blinders' -
The British drama about a gangster family in post-World War I England is a must-watch

'Narcos' -
This addictive and bloody drama follows Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar, who's got the Drug Enforcement Agency after him.

'Better Call Saul' -
'Better Call Saul' began as a spin-off that was also a prequel to 'Breaking Bad.' In the show

'Veronica Mars' -
Starring Kristen Bell, this compelling teen detective drama follows her character Veronica Mars, a high schooler who moonlights as a private investigator to solve crimes.

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