The best music memoirs of all time

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Lemmy 'White Line Fever' (2002): As the book's title suggests, there's no shortage of excess in Motörhead front man Lemmy's memoir. He looks back on his wayward youth

Rod Stewart 'Rod' (2012): The enduringly-popular British singer looks back on over 50 years of fame in an amusing book that recalls some hilarious moments 

Rlton John 'Me' (2019): From shy English teenager Reginald Dwight to a flamboyant piano-playing pop star and global icon, Elton John's life has been quite the ride. 

Brian Wilson 'I Am Brian Wilson' (2016): Often cast as a tortured genius, Brian Wilson takes a thoughtful tone in his memoir about his career with the Beach Boys

Morrissey 'Autobiography' (2013): Love him or loathe him, Smiths front man and solo artist Morrissey knows how to write a witty line. And this book is full of them

John Lydon: 'Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs' (1993): Born to impoverished Irish parents in London, Lydon was at the forefront of punk in his guise as Sex Pistols front man Johnny Rotten

Debbie Harry 'Face It' (2019): Iconic Blondie front woman Debbie Harry survived punk excesses with style. In her revealing memoir

Boy George 'Take it Like a Man' (1995): With trademark cattiness, singer and DJ Boy George looks back on his boyhood in a traditional Irish Catholic family

Chuck Berry 'The Autobiography' (1987): He's often credited with inventing rock and roll, but Berry's musical career was no breeze. 

David Bowie'Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust' (2002):  Combining striking photos of Stardust.

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