The best Netflix shows binge-watching

'Daredevil' - 'Daredevil' is arguably one of the best superhero series ever. 

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' - The Tina Fey-produced show tells the story of Kimmy, a woman who was kidnapped as a girl and spent 15 years in captivity.

'Jessica Jones' - Marvel's Jessica Jones got her own TV series.

'Orange is the New Black' - This funny, often tear-jerking, female prison drama portrays the lives and decisions of several inmates.

'The Walking Dead' - If you haven't watched it yet, you'll find that it's almost impossible to steer away from the spoilers of one of the most talked-about shows on TV.

'Arrested Development' - The fact that the Bluths are one of the most dysfunctional families to ever grace our screens makes 'Arrested Development' 

'Sherlock' - One of the most beloved crime series on TV, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as detective Sherlock Holmes.

'American Vandal' - 'American Vandal' is essentially a satire of true-crime documentaries as it explores the aftermath of a high-school prank.

'The West Wing' - The political drama follows the lives of White House staff members.

'Master of None' - Aziz Ansari's comedy tackles all our favorite millennial issues, including race, relationships, and sex. 

'GLOW' - 'GLOW' is a comedy about a group of women who perform for a Los Angeles wrestling organization, battling stereotypes and sexism both in and out of the ring.

'Better Call Saul' - When the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off was announced, fans were left wondering whether it would ever rise to the same level of complexity.

'Dear White People' - The Netflix original feeds off of Spike Lee's drama of the same name, but it expands on the personal stories of college students

'Godless' - The show is set in 1880's American West, and follows a gang leader who ends up in a small village inhabited almost entirely by women.

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