The best recipes to teach your kids

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Pigs in a blanket: -You can start off with a ready-made pastry dough or crescent roll dough, then later teach them how to make it from scratch.

Fluffy scrambled eggs: -Many adults have yet to master this simple skill, but it’s an eternal breakfast classic. 

ABC pudding: -Avocado, banana, and chocolate pudding is a healthy dessert that will teach your kids about using a blender.

PB & B oatmeal: -The combination of peanut butter and banana is so delectable and can be used in various sweet treats.

Red sauce spaghetti: -An undeniable classic, teaching kids how to make pasta with a basic tomato basil sauce is a skill that will continue its impressiveness until the end of time.

Tomato soup: -The perfect pairing to a grilled cheese sandwich, which is also a great dish to teach them.

Herbed chicken nuggets: -They’ll taste much better than McDonald’s, and kids can learn how to safely use a knife.

Pancakes: -What kid doesn’t love pancakes? In the process, they’ll practice measuring, stirring, pouring batter, and working with a hot stove.

Frittata: -It’s one of those dishes that looks and sounds so impressive but is really so simple to make! It’s also good practice for cracking eggs.

Mac and cheese: -Instead of throwing some Kraft Dinner together with cheese powder.

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