The best self-soothing techniques for adults

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Why we need it: Children are prone to getting upset or throwing tantrums rather frequently.

Taking back control: When there’s no one around to provide that soothing touch, or we simply don’t want to overload our loved ones.

Roots in DBT: Self-soothing is a practice rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and was initially developed to help those who frequently experience intense emotions. 

What is self-soothing: Self-soothing is a strategy that helps us regulate our emotions in times of distress. 

Self-soothing vs. interactive soothing: Many of us turn to a loved one when we’re in need of comfort and support.

The importance of resilience: However, we don’t always have the right person around when something upsetting comes up.

The health benefits of hugs: Studies have proven that things like hugging and skin-to-skin contact are effective in releasing oxytocin.

Change your environment: If possible, try to change your environment for a few minutes.

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