The best television spin-offs ever

'Isle of the Dead' -
'The Walking Dead' is no stranger to spin-offs, and they announced that two more characters are getting their own six-episode arc.

'Melrose Place' -
After the success of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ some characters joined the spin-off ‘Melrose Place.’ 

'The Bionic Woman' -
This sci-fi adventure features Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner), who takes on special high-risk government missions.

'Maude' -
Maude Findlay (Bea Arthur) first appeared in ‘All in the Family’ as the liberal cousin who advocated for civil rights and gender equality.

‘The Good Fight’ - This series follows lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) in a new law firm.

'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' -
Staring Mariska Hargitay, this prime-time drama has aired more seasons than any other, including its predecessor ‘Law & Order.’

'NCIS’ - Born from the series ‘JAG,’ the Navy and Marine Corps inspired the long-running show ‘NCIS.

'The Simpsons' -
Having premiered in 1989, ‘The Simpsons’ actually started out as a series of shorts for ‘The Tracy Ullman Show.'

‘Better Call Saul’ - Born from ‘Breaking Bad,’ the series dives into Saul Goodman’s personal history, but still with the same ominous desert backdrop.

‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ -
The show was a spin-off of the television series ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,’ where Xena was a recurring character.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ -
Considered one of the best sitcoms of all time, this show, starring Andy Taylor, was developed from ‘The Danny Thomas Show.’

'Angel' -
The show follows Angel, the famous vampire ex from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ 

’Laverne and Shirley’ -
Laverne DeFazio (Penny Marshall) and Shirley Feeney (Cindy Williams) were friends of Fonzie on ‘Happy Days,’

‘The Flash’ -
The first spin-off of ‘Arrow,’ the show stars Grant Gustin as the speedy superhero.

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