The best time-travel movies ever made

'The Terminator' (1984) -
A soldier is sent from the future to stop a killer cyborg from murdering a woman. All because she will give birth to the leader of the humans in a war against the machines.

'Hot Tub Time Machine' (2010) -
A thoroughly funny movie, where a group of friends finds a time-travel hot tub at a ski resort.

'Planet of the Apes' (1968) -
The Statue of Liberty scene reveals that this movie is, in fact, a time-travel film. This is not some far away planet–this is Earth in the future.

'Arrival' (2016) -
A linguist tries to communicate with aliens after several spacecraft land on Earth. There's an element of premonitions and being able to change the linear perception of time.

'Interstellar' (2014) -
A group of explorers travel through a wormhole in space after Earth becomes uninhabitable.

'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' (2004) - This Harry Potter movie features a magical device called Time-Turner, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

'The Time Machine' (1960) -
A man travels forward in time to find out that the utopian society he idealized doesn't exist.

'Time Bandits' (1981) -
A boy joins six time-traveling dwarfs, who steal a map of the universe and use it to commit their heists.

'Time After Time' (1979) -
Jack the Ripper uses writer H. G. Wells' time machine to escape to the 20th century.

'Primer' (2004) -
A group of engineer friends work on a device that turns out to have time-travel capacities.

'Galaxy Quest' (1999) -
This 'Star Trek' spoof features a device called Omega 13, that sends users 13 seconds into the past.

'The Lake House' (2006) -
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock's characters send letters to each other using a mailbox. The twist? She writes and reads them two years after he does.

'Doctor Strange' (2016) -
A neurosurgeon travels between alternate dimensions in pursuit of spiritual healing.

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