The best wine to pair with any meal

Riesling - Description: strong floral aromas, high in acid, can be sweet or dry.

Fish - A dry riesling pairs nicely with fish.

Chicken - It also complements chicken.

Pork - And pork dishes are always a nice option.

Gewürztraminer - Description: fruity, with aromas of rose petal, peach, lychee, and allspice.

Asian - Pair this tasty wine with Asian food.

Sausages - Grilled sausage is perfect with a glass of gewürztraminer.

Chardonnay - Description: dry full-bodied white wine.

Fish - A chardonnay is lovely with seafood dishes such as lobster, crab, or shrimp.

Chicken - If you aren't into seafood, chicken dishes are a fantastic choice too. 

Sauvignon blanc - Description: tart with herbal green fruit flavors.

Seafood - Sip on your sauvignon blanc with appetizing seafood meals.

Poultry - Poultry is an equally good pairing.

Salads - Finally, different salads are delightful with a sauvignon blanc.

Syrah - Description: full-bodied red wine, intense fruit flavors, and middleweight tannins.

Meats - This red is an excellent choice to join with steak, beef, wild game, meat stews, and other hearty meat dishes. 

Merlot - Description: smooth, middle weight with red fruit flavors. 

All foods - This red goes great with just about anything! 

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