The creepiest actors of all time

Vincent Price -
Vincent Price was the king of horror. He was the perfect combination of menacing and suave.

Mads Mikkelsen - Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen also played Hannibal in the modern TV adaptation. There's something disquieting about his sharply symmetrical face.

Jack Nicholson - His manic smile and dramatic eyebrows brought the perfect note of hysteria to 'The Shining' (1980).

Boris Karloff -
Boris Karloff was an English actor who starred in all of the great horror flicks during the early days of cinema. Frankenstein's monster was his most hair-raising role.

Christopher Lee - Sir Christopher Lee was truly one of the great villains in film history. He was one of the earliest actors to play Dracula on screen, and for good reason.

Brad Dourif -
In 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' (2002), he plays one of the slimiest, creepiest characters of all time, aptly named Wormtongue.

Helena Bonham Carter -  From 'Sweeney Todd' (2007) to the 'Harry Potter' series, she always sets the right mood.

Eva Green -
Eva Green was the perfect choice for the lead role in 'Penny Dreadful,' a TV show based around the tales told in macabre horror magazines in the 19th century. 

Terence Stamp -
Terence Stamp managed to turn Superman's General Zod into a sadistic supervillain. He was declared the “master of the brooding silence” by The Guardian.

Joaquin Phoenix - Joaquin Phoenix is an incredibly versatile actor. He's brought a wide range of disturbing characters to life throughout his career. 

Steve Buscemi - Steve Buscemi's creep factor is partly thanks to the Coen Brothers, who repeatedly cast him as wild-eyed oddballs in their movies.

Crispin Glover -
Crispin Glover is another actor who straddles the line between handsome and ghoulish. 

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