The deadliest surf spots on the planet

Shipstern Bluff: This surf spot, also known as Devil's Point or Shippies, is located in Tasmania, Australia.

Shipstern Bluff: The wave breaks on a shallow reef. Unlike much of Australia, the weather is usually cloudy and cold in this part of Tasmania.

Shipstern Bluff: The shape of the ocean floor has some particular characteristics.

Getty Images: Also known as Banzai Pipeline, or simply Pipe, this world-renowned surf spot is located in O'ahu's North Shore in Hawaii.

Pipeline: The spot is famous for its perfect hollow waves that break on a razor-sharp coral reef.

Pipeline: So far, Pipeline has claimed 11 lives, with many others having suffered serious injuries there.

Mavericks: This dangerous surf spot can be found off the coast of Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

Mavericks: In addition to massive waves, there are also other threats.

Mavericks: Professional surfer Mark Foo drowned while surfing Mavericks after his leash.

Teahupoo (Teahupo'o): This beautiful, yet extremely dangerous, surf spot is located in Tahiti.

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