The definitive signs you in a one sided relationship

You feel like you're the one always initiating plans: In every relationship, there will be give-and-take that fluctuates over time.

You feel nervous about using words like relationship and boyfriend/girlfriend: You're worried that using a certain word in front of them will scare them off.

You feel tired: One-sided relationships can start to wear you down. This is because you're giving a lot and not getting a lot back.

You accommodate their suppressed level of intimacy: Be attentive, because this one is a biggie. For example, early on, they may tell you that they have some sort of trouble with intimacy.

You start to second-guess your worth: It can feel like a blow to your self-esteem when the other person doesn't make much effort in the relationship.

They aren't creating a "love map: A love map is how a significant other sees their person's inner world, meaning their hopes, dreams, desires, and fears. 

They cancel plans a lot: If they're super casual about dismissing plans with you, chances are you're more invested in them than they are in you.

They show little interest in your life outside of them: In the beginning, this may mean that they don't show any interest in meeting your friends and family. 

They use work as a reason to distance you: If they're often using work to avoid making definitive plans or to justify bailing at the last minute, then it's a one-sided situation.

You're always the one keeping the conversation going: It's perfectly fine that not everyone is a great texter or a huge talker.

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