The greatest TV friend groups

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' - The "Gang" is made up of hilariously terrible friends who together run Paddy's Pub and constantly get themselves into the strangest predicaments. 

'Sex and the City' - There were hardly any female friend groups in the '90s and 2000s who didn't want to be like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. 

'Community' -
This community college study group, known as the Greendale Seven, turns into the weirdest group of friends with people of all ages, backgrounds, and quirks. 

'Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!' -
The Mystery Inc. gang travels around in their groovy van and uses teamwork to solve mysteries. 

'Boy Meets World' -
Though romance certainly became the center of this show at many points, the heart always remained in Corey Matthews' friendships.

'The Big Bang Theory' - Certainly one of the most highly-educated friend groups to ever appear on TV

'The League' -
The middle-aged members of a hyper-competitive fantasy football league are for the friend groups that love to torture each other out of love.

'Friends' - Perhaps the most obvious entry on this list is the beloved group from 'Friends,' as the 20-somethings figure out their lives in NYC and grow together across 10 seasons.

'Cheers' -
This group of vastly different friends proved that the friends you make either as a patron or a staff member at a bar can really be meaningful and long-lasting!

'Happy Endings' -
We all experience what a breakup in a friendship group can do, but this show provides a lighthearted and entertaining take on it. 

'The O.C.' - For the more drama-inclined, the friends in 'The O.C.' lived glamorous and complicated lives in Newport Beach, California.

'Broad City' -
This friend group is really just centered around Abbi and Ilana, who pull others into their orbit constantly with their zero-boundary, ride-or-die bond.

'How I Met Your Mother' -
The way these old friends balance each other out and know each other so well is something most people can only dream of. 

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