The history of mental health treatments

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Trephination: -It was believed that opening up a hole in the skull would allow the evil spirit, or spirits, that inhabited the head to be released.

Mental health issues aren't recent: -Mental illness might seem like a recent phenomenon, but it has been observed throughout history.

Mental health issues in ancient times: -Ancient theories about mental illness were often the result of belief in the supernatural, such as demonic possession or curses. 

Treatments through the Middle Ages: -Doctors of the time would give patients laxatives, leeches, and cupping therapy to restore the body’s proportions of humors. 

The history of mental health treatments: -Historians and mental health professionals have evidence of the history of mental illness through documented cases. 

Caring for the mentally ill: -Outside interventions and facilities for residential treatment were rare. 

The four humors: -Hippocrates, Galen, and Socrates, each developed the idea of there being four essential elements to the human body.

Rituals by priest-doctors: -Priest-doctors, like those in ancient Mesopotamia, and shamans would use rituals based on religion.

Hippocrates: -It was a standard belief in ancient societies that mental illness had a supernatural origin. However, somewhere between the 5th .

Ancient Egyptians were more progressive: -The ancient Egyptian civilization was notably advanced for its time in the field of medicine .

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