The hottest monochromatic celeb looks

Kate Middleton -
The Duchess of Cambridge looks just peachy in this color palette.

Rihanna -
RiRi always makes cameras fall into a frenzy, but this look, with a light teal from necklace to heel and its beautiful sheer overcoat, was particularly impressive.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -
The king and queen of modern-day monochromatic fashion even coordinated with the carpet!

Selena Gomez -
The singer did not leave the shoes or even her lipstick out of this dedicated burnt orange look.

Blake Lively -
The actress now has a sort of cult-like fame for her pantsuits, but this neon-green look is on another level.

Meghan Markle -
She's stepped away from royalty, but she's certainly the queen of monochromatic style.

Hailey Bieber - The young model took to Paris Fashion Week in a set of monochromatic looks that announced her presence before she said a word.

Kendall Jenner -
The older Jenner sister donned a yellow pantsuit and matching heels.

Julia Roberts -
The actress is no stranger to bold moves, and she rocked this bright pink look.

Priyanka Chopra - The actress looks perfectly cozy in these cream colors.

Gigi Hadid -
The model is giving us Cinderella-turned-modern-woman energy with this baby blue.

Kristen Stewart -
The actress even skipped a shirt to fully harness this blazer's chromatic power!

Princess Diana -
The lady in red, no one forgot the way she looked this night!

Katie Holmes -
This monochromatic blue pantsuit screams "I am important!"

Billy Porter -
This is actually one of the actor's more toned-down outfits.

Dua Lipa -
The singer looks positively electric in this blue ensemble.

Bella Hadid -
This Hadid breathed life into the otherwise boring beige.

Queen Elizabeth II -
Her Royal Highness has a particular affinity for lime green.

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