The island Luke Skywalker called home

Skellig Islands: The Skellig Islands—Skellig Michael and Little Skellig—are two uninhabited rocky islets located west off the Iveragh Peninsular in County Kerry.

Sacred site: Rugged and remote, Skellig Michael is little more than a twin-pinnacled crag marooned in the Atlantic Ocean.

Medieval monastery: Perched on the island's precipitous uneven slopes are the ancient remains of an early medieval monastery.

Ancient community: Considering its age, the monastic settlement is in unusual good condition.

Michael the Archangel: The main island is named after the archangel Michael.

Beehive cells: This venerated location, which incidentally is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Path to Christ's Saddle: On the opposite side of the island to the monastery is a network of weathered rock-cut steps known as Christ's Saddle.

High Cross: Of the hundred or so crosses recorded on the island.

Monastery and graveyard: The monastery is set on a sloping rock plateau at Skellig's north-eastern summit.

Crosses to bear: The series of crosses, roughly shaped and with some featuring plain, incised decoration, are in their original location.

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