The last unexplored places on Earth

North Sentinel Island: This island is located in the Andaman Archipelago between Myanmar and Indonesia.

North Sentinel Island: Every time people from the outside tried to visit the island, they were met with hostility by the local people.

Amazon Rainforest: Comprising 5,500,000 sq km (2,100,000 sq mi), nine countries in total share parts of the Amazon Basin.

Antarctica's subglacial lakes: These are lakes found under glaciers that have never been studied in millions of years. 

Antarctica's subglacial lakes: Many of these lakes are interconnected, with water flowing from one lake to another. 

Northern Mountain Forest Complex, Myanmar: Myanmar's Northern Mountain Forest Complex is comprised of the Hkakabo Razi National Park.

Northern Mountain Forest Complex, Myanmar: According to a Cambridge study, less than 1.4% of the forest area in the Northern Mountain Forest.

Machapuchare, Nepal: Machapuchare, also known as the Fish Tail Mountain, is located in the Annapurna Himalayas in Nepal.

Machapuchare, Nepal: This mountain is sacred to the local people because they believe that Lord Shiva lives at the top. 

Oodaaq, Greenland: This remote island in Greenland is considered one of the most northerly points of land on Earth.

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