The most dangerous sports in the world

Field hockey -
Field hockey players are often injured by contact with another player, the stick, or the ball itself. Some injuries include broken teeth and concussions.

American football -
American football is today recognized as one of the most dangerous sports out there.

Snowboarding -
A combination of surfing and skiing, snowboarding injuries can have dangerous consequences.

Calcio storico -
Italian for "historic soccer," calcio storico is an early form of soccer from the 15th century. It's played each year on June 24 in Florence, Italy. 

Basketball -
While basketball might not seem like such a dangerous sport, you'd be surprised with the injuries sustained by professional athletes. 

Bullfighting -
In its aim of attempting to subdue or kill the bull, bullfighting is by nature a violent sport that can be deadly for both the bull and the bullfighter.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) -
A competition between two highly-skilled fighters, MMA can be very dangerous. Especially as the main objective is to knock the opponent out.

Auto racing -
With tons of metal wrapped around you, and going an average of 150 mph (280 km/h) on hard asphalt, chances of a lethal accident are high.

Motorcycle racing -
If car racing is dangerous, then imagine motorcycle racing, where the rider isn’t protected by a sturdy cage in case of an accident.

Bull riding -
As a bull can weigh up to 1,800 pounds (816 kg), one can only imagine the injuries a fallen rider might sustain.

Rugby -
With two teams of 13 players smashing against each other, rugby results in plenty of broken bones, torn ligaments, and even death.

Ice hockey -
Hockey is an injury-prone sport. Some of the most common injuries include fractures, broken bones, facial cuts, and head injuries, including concussions.

Free soloing -
Mountain climbing is already dangerous with all the ropes, hooks, and other special equipment. 

Scuba diving - Marine life, like sharks, and faulty equipment are the major dangers for scuba divers.

Cliff diving -
This extreme sport involves diving into water from a high, rocky cliff. The typical distance is about 85 feet (25 m), so injuries are definitely possible.

Big wave surfing -
Overall, big wave surfing isn't that deadly. But if you're knocked off the board after riding a big wave, you could be knocked unconscious. 

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