The most dangerous things in your home

Stairs -
Falls are the number one most common house-related accident. And they're frequently caused by stairs. 

Bathtubs -
Bathtubs can be an unexpected source of danger, as children can drown in them. 

Toilet bowl cleaner -
The corrosive ingredients used in acidic products can also cause burns on skin and eyes. 

Ladders and stools -
Ladders and step stools can be a source of danger for people in the home.

Printers -
Research published by the American Chemical Society looked into the particulate matter emitted by household printers. 

Knives -
Knives can be a risk of danger at nearly every age. A child handling a knife could potentially lead to injury.

Candles -
Candles are another dangerous item that shouldn't be left unattended. 

Extension cords -
Faulty extension cords can be super flammable. If possible, don't skimp on the cost of an extension cord.

Gas fireplace -
A gas fireplace poses a number of risks. They can be dangerous for pets and young children.

CFL light bulbs -
These types of bulbs are only a danger when they break. 

Mothballs -
Mothballs might be a bit old school, but they can still pose a danger if you've got them lying around. 

Furniture polish and stain -
Furniture polish and stains that aren't vegetable- or oil-based can be dangerous, as they're highly flammable.

Dryers -
Dryers can pose a danger to small kids who fit inside them. But they can also be a fire hazard for the whole family. 

Pillows -
Dirty pillows can pose a health risk, as they can develop fungus. 

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