The most fragrant flowers for garden

Lily of the valley - The bell-like flowers of the lily of the valley bloom in spring and give off a sweet floral fragrance that travels throughout the garden. 

Freesia - Freesias are a popular flower in European gardens. Their fruity scent and wide color range make them appealing to all.

Jasmine -
Jasmine is thought to be one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. There are many different types of jasmine, but they all give off a wonderful smell. 

Clary sage -
Clary sage can be white, pink, or purple, and blooms in late spring over wide crinkly leaves. The flowers give off a mild scent similar to the tobacco plant.

Chocolate vine -
The unusual semi-evergreen plant sprouts dark purple flowers that give off a unique chocolatey s

Lavender -
Lavender is one of the most common flowers to be used in scented products. 

Frangipani -
Frangipani, also known as plumeria, is a flower that thrives best in warm or tropical climates. Its flowers give off a pleasant scent that gets stronger at night.

Viburnum -
Viburnum is a tough and resistant plant that blooms with clusters of white or pink flowers in the spring. There's a distinct spiciness to their floral scent.

Flowering crabapple -
The crabapple blooms with eye-catching pink flowers in the spring. It can be grown as a small tree or shrub, and also produces small apples.

Phlox -
Phlox flowers come in shades of pink, purple, red, white, and bi-colors. The pink ones have the longest bloom time, but the white is especially fragrant.

Honeysuckle -
Honeysuckle is a popular choice among those who enjoy scented flowers. Their vines hang beautifully over a garden trellis or wall. 

Gardenia -
This pretty and practical shrub blooms twice a year, so you get to enjoy the scents of the flowers in late spring/early summer as well as in the fall. 

Magnolia -
These sweet-smelling plants bloom in spring and summer, depending on the type. In tropical climates, it blooms all year round!

Panicle - The flowers give off a strong sweet smell that might be overpowering to some.

Candle flower - The flowers are usually pink and white and give off a sweet smell at night.

Hyacinth -
Hyacinths come in a wide range of colors including yellow, red, and orange. Their pleasant scent could be compared to a mix of strawberry and honeysuckle. 

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