The most Instagramable places of 2022

Istanbul, Turkey -
The place where Europe and Asia meet is filled with photo-ops.

Buenos Aires, Argentina -
The Paris of South America mixes old and new like no other place on the continent.

New Orleans, USA -
The lively Louisiana city not only has a bustling nightlife, but it also boasts charming architecture, culture, and heritage.

Prague, Czech Republic -
Gothic, Renaissance, or Baroque? Whichever is your favorite style, you'll find it scattered all over this beautiful capital's Old Town.

Cape Town, South Africa -
With Table Mountain as the backdrop, Cape Town is a buzzing city with breathtaking natural beauty surrounding it. 

Tulum, Mexico -
If you're into Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, and glorious weather, then this town on Mexico's Caribbean coastline is perfect for you.

Bali, Indonesia - There are impressive beaches, volcanos, temples, rice fields, and so on. All of which will guarantee plenty of photo-ops.

Hoi An, Vietnam -
The Ancient Town in Hoi An is like nothing you've seen before. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is super charming.

North Island, New Zealand -
North Island is up there when it comes to dramatic scenery. From mountains to caves, you'll find a bit of everything. 

Paris, France -
The City of Light continues to score high when it comes to most Instagramable places.

Santorini, Greece -
Postcard-perfect scenery, whitewashed houses, deep blue water, and gorgeous Greek food. 

London, England -
London is home to many iconic landmarks. You have a thriving art and music scene, markets, shops, pubs, and everything you can imagine, and then some!

Wadi Rum, Jordan -
The UNESCO World Heritage Site is hot. But there's more to Wadi Rum than just the heat of the Jordanian desert. 

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam -
It doesn't get more Instagramable than this! Lots of tiny islands and a rain forest, and all this in a breathtaking bay. 

Lisbon, Portugal -
The sun-drenched Portuguese capital boasts cobblestoned streets, historical buildings, and delicious food.

Chicago, USA -
Chicago gets a spot in the top 10 in 2022. The Windy City has a lot to offer when it comes to photo-ops, including the cool, retro Chicago Theatre.

Banff, Canada - Banff National Park is absolutely breathtaking with its rugged peaks, hot springs, and turquoise water.

Tokyo, Japan -
The buzzing life of the Japanese capital really is something special. The lights, the tech, the people, and so on are all bustling with life. 

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