The most interesting facts about samurai

The special beheading sword -
Samurai always carried around a pair of swords, known as the daisho.

Guns at swordfights -
The most common ideas of the samurai are of warriors wielding swords, spears, or maybe axes.

The kabukimonos -
Widespread peace in Japan meant bad business for the samurai class.

Senseless tsujigiri killings -
One of the darker practices of ancient samurai was known as tsujigiri, which roughly translates to “roadside killing.”

Seppuku and jigai -
Jigai was another form of honorable self-destruction, but was reserved only for the wives of samurais.

Yasuke, the African samurai -
It may come as a surprise to many that being Japanese wasn’t a requirement in order to become a samurai. 

Samurai street gangs -
Some of the kabukimono organized into street gangs as the samurai became more and more obsolete.

Chanoyu tea ceremonies -
Tea ceremonies were a very serious matter in samurai circles. 

Same-sex relationships -
It was common for apprentices to share sexual relationships with their masters. 

The sohei warrior monks -
Apart from the samurai was another group of warriors known as the sohei.

The ronin -
A samurai was only a true samurai when he was under the employment of a master.

Samurai "cutting tests" -
Samurai would commonly test their new toys on cadavers, or sometimes even on imprisoned criminals. 

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