The most luxurious casinos in the world

Baden-Baden Casino (Germany): This luxury casino is one of the oldest in the world, built during the nineteenth century.

Baden-Baden Casino (Germany): It may be small, but this establishment is the height of luxury.

Baden-Baden Casino (Germany): It is one of the best casinos to play poker in, as well as having blackjack tables and around 130 slot machines.

Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco): This majestic building is the work of architects and artists from the nineteenth century.

Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco): The complex includes a casino, the Monte Carlo Opera, and the headquarters of the Monte Carlo ballet.

CityCenter (United States):  The Las Vegas CityCenter is one of the most luxurious buildings in the world. 

CityCenter (United States): The complex includes a luxury casino, four hotels with 6,000 rooms, 2,400 condos, and more than 40 restaurants.

The Bellagio (United States): This iconic Bellagio hotel and casino is also found in Sin City.

The Bellagio (United States): This lavish casino is best known for its poker rooms. It also boasts a huge games room that caters to every gambler's.

The Bellagio (United States): There are over 3,000 bedrooms in the building, as well as various games rooms, lavish decorations.

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