The most violent zoo attacks of all time

Lion attack -
An attack happened at Jamaica Zoo in Lacovia, St Elizabeth, on May 20, 2022, with a video to prove it.

The tale of Tilikum - This one’s for the history books. In 2010, a killer whale named Tilikum shocked the world when he attacked a whale instructor at SeaWorld Orlando.

Lion attack -
At Shoalhaven Zoo (about 150 km/90 mi south of Sydney) in December 2020, two lions attacked a zookeeper. 

Harambe - Here’s another historical zoo attack. Back in 2016 at the Cincinnati Zoo, a gorilla named Harambe made headlines worldwide after a child climbed into his enclosure.

Killed in the water -
In 2012, disaster struck Copenhagen Zoo. A 21-year-old man was killed after entering the Siberian tiger den.

Attacked by wolves -
Patricia Wyman was a new hire when she was attacked at a wildlife reserve in Ontario, Canada in 1996.

A cleaner is killed - Back in 2008, a tragedy occurred at Singapore Zoo. Three white Bengal tigers attacked a zoo cleaner, mauling him to death in their enclosure.

Unchained melody - Melody was being fed by zookeeper Lisa Morehead. The animal apparently bit her arm, eventually tearing it off. Yikes.

A tiger escapes - On December 25, 2007, a Siberian tiger named Tatiana escaped its enclosure at San Francisco Zoo. The animal attacked three men, with one casualty.

Gu Gu - The panda has reportedly attacked three people, including a drunk man in 2006 and a 15-year-old in 2007.

Binky - In July 1994 at the Alaska Zoo, an Australian tourist had a brush with death after she snuck into the polar bear enclosure. 

Jabari the gorilla - Disaster struck the Dallas Zoo in 2004, after a lowland gorilla was apparently taunted by some visitors.

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