The obsession with single shaming

Introducing single shaming -
If you have ever spent any of your adult life single, you’ve probably been single shamed once or twice. 

Defining the term -
The term "single shaming" refers to the act of calling out someone who is single and making them feel inferior just because they’re not in a relationship.

Contemporary issue -
It might seem ridiculous that this is still a problem in the 21st century, but research shows that single shaming is still very much alive and kicking.

Number crunch - In fact, recent research from Match showed that 52% of people have experienced some form of single shaming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digging deeper -
Some 38% of those people said they had been pitied for not having a partner, and 30% for the simple fact that they live alone.

Strange phenomenon -
This is all in spite of the fact that 59% of those people reported being satisfied with their current relationship status.

Single shaming in men -
Single shaming is often worse for women, although that’s not to say that men are not judged for being unpartnered.

The damage it does -
Single shaming is more prolific and more harmful than you might initially imagine.

How to cope with being single shamed - So, what can we do about it? First of all, let’s take a look at some tactics for coping if someone does single shame you.

Take a deep breath -
A good first step is to take a deep breath. Remember that most of the time single-shaming comments are not intended to hurt or offend you.

Try to rise above -
If you do find that someone keeps pushing and it’s clear their intention is to offend you, try to rise above it and don’t become defensive.

Remember we're all different -
Your single friend may be perfectly happy not to have a partner, and may not be in any rush at all to change their relationship status.

How to stop single shaming yourself - And, finally, what can you do to stop single shaming yourself? Many more of us are more guilty of it than we might think.

Be kind to yourself -
Firstly, remember to be kind to yourself. If you are actively looking for a relationship and haven’t found the right person yet, do not be too hard on yourself.

Don't beat yourself up -
Remember that your need for physical and emotional intimacy is perfectly natural, and do not beat yourself up for feeling that.

In conclusion -
So there you have a heads-up about single shaming and some tips for how to dismantle the tendency. Together we can take this thing down!

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