The real pirates of the caribbean

Mary Read (1685–1721) -
Born in England, Read (right) became one of two celebrated women pirates during the 18th century, the other of course being Anne Bonny (left).

Bartholomew Roberts (1682–1722) -
Born John Roberts in Wales, his merciless marauding took him to waters off Brazil, the Caribbean, and as far north as Newfoundland.

Howell Davis (c.1690–1719) - In a career lasting just 11 months, Welshman Davis managed to capture 15 known English and French ships, several of them in the West Indies. 

Henry Every (1659–1699?) - Known as "The King of Pirates," such was his popularity that Every, an Englishman, even inspired others to take up piracy.

Israel Hands (?–?) -
As second-in-command to the notorious Blackbeard, Hands was complicit in harassing shipping off Mexico and Honduras.

William Kidd (c.1654–1701) - Better known as Captain Kidd, the Scotsman began his seafaring career as a member of a French-English pirate crew sailing the Caribbean.

Edward Low (1690–1724?) -
Low's fate is unknown. Some reports suggest he was last sighted near the Canary Islands.

Amaro Rodríguez Felipe (1678–1747) - Pargo thought nothing of fighting other pirates and once endured a skirmish against Blackbeard. 

John Rackham (1682–1720) - An English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas and the waters off Cuba, Rackham, known as "Calico Jack,"

Anne Bonny (1697?–1782?) - Charismatic and enigmatic in equal measure, red-haired Bonny was an Irish pirate with a fiery temper. 

Blackbeard (c. 1680–1718) - Merchant vessels provided rich pickings for the pirate. But his plundering days were numbered. 

Thomas Sutton (1699–1722) -
Intercepted by the British warship HMS Swallow, Roberts was killed in the ensuing battle.

Thomas Tew (1649–1695) -
Tew pioneered the so-called Pirate Round, a sailing route that led from the western Atlantic to India. 

Olivier Levasseur (1688?–1730) -
The dashing French pirate is said to have composed a puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text.

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