The surreal sound of synth-pop

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Classical music reinvented: -Meanwhile in Japan, Isao Tomita (1932–2016) garnered worldwide fame as a producer of analog synthesizer arrangements.

Vangelis: -Like Wendy Carlos before him, Greek musician Vangelis (1943–2022) achieved global fame for his work in cinema.

Developing the potential: -Don Buchla (1937–2016), working independently of Moog, is also acknowledged for his development of the voltage controlled modular synthesizer. 

Early innovators: -An early exponent of synth-pop was Brian Eno. Described as one of popular music's most influential and innovative figures.

Synth soundtracks: -Back across the Atlantic, American musician and composer Wendy Carlos.

Yellow Magic Orchestra: -Another band responsible for shaping the synth-pop sound is Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Who invented the synthesizer?: -American engineer and physicist Robert Moog (1934–2005) is generally credited with inventing the synthesizer .

What is a synthesizer?: -Put simply, a synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that uses some form of digital.

Kraftwerk: -Formed in Düsseldorf in 1970, Kraftwerk—of which the lineup of Ralf Hütter.

Tangerine Dream: -A pioneering act in electronica, German trio Tangerine Dream rose to fame in the early 1970s with 'Atem,' released in 1973. 

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