The truth about Jesus Christ

Jesus wasn't born on December 25 - According to researchers, it is more likely that his birthday falls sometime between May and November, during the hottest months in Israel.

Star of Bethlehem - Astronomers believe that the star that marked the birth of Jesus was the result of a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.

Three Wise Men - As soon as the Three Wise Men saw the guiding star that alerted them to the birth of Christ, they started their journey to Bethlehem.

God's messenger - According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was very knowledgeable from a young age.

Sources - While there aren't many sources that mention Jesus apart from the Bible, historian André Chevitarese.

Career - The Greek term for Jesus's profession is tekton. Although the most common translation is "carpenter,"

Clothes - During his crucifixion, Jesus was said to be dressed in a special tunic that only rich men wore at the time. 

Divine rage - During the filming of Mel Gibson's 2004 movie, 'The Passion of the Christ,' two people were struck by lightning. 

More lightning... - A 65 ft (20 m) statue of Jesus located next to a church in the city of Monroe, Ohio, was struck by lightning and destroyed by the subsequent fire.

Siblings - Jesus is said to have had four brothers and at least two sisters. The brothers were James, Joseph, Jude, and Simon.

Married? - The document is sometimes referred to as the "lost gospel" and suggests that Jesus was married. The name Mary is also mentioned, which led some to theorize that his wife was Mary Magdalene.

Burden of the cross - Evidence points to the fact that Jesus carried just the horizontal part of the cross, called the patibulum. 

The crucifixion - His death on the cross could have taken up to six days. According to biblical reports, Jesus died six hours after.

Death - The Bible states that Jesus' death occurred on Good Friday.

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