The world's best jobs for freelancers

App developer - Developing mobile apps can be a well-paying freelance role. An android or iOS developer may be asked to design or troubleshoot various mobile apps.

Freelance writer - A common freelance job, being a writer can encompass many roles, from copywriting to content marketing.

Freelance writer -
Freelance writers can contribute to press releases or write full investigative reports. It's also not the most demanding role on this list.

Promotional video maker - Video-making can entail many things, like shooting interviews, concerts, red carpet events, and promotional gigs too.

Graphic designer - Graphic design is important work, one that's required by clients and companies across the globe.

Voice actor - Here's one you might not have expected. Voice actors aren't just reserved for Disney blockbusters, they are hired across a range of different industries.

Translator - If you're lucky (or talented) enough to speak a few languages, you could have a chance at being a freelance translator.

E-Book publisher - There's a big market for e-books, not just for readers, but for writers too. 

Teacher or tutor - There are thousands of freelance tutors and teachers around the world, and the number will only continue to rise. 

Legal service expert - Companies can outsource their legal services to freelancers, and if you've got a fair bit of experience, you can capitalize on this quick.

Internet security specialist - Internet security specialists are tasked with monitoring potential threats, installing the right software to battle off hackers and viruses.

PR consultant -
Freelance PR consultants are tasked with polishing a business's public image, whether it be through planned events or through media maneuvering.

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