The world's most heinous cannibals

David Viens -
David Viens was a Los Angeles chef who killed his wife and cooked her for four days, according to People.

Omaima Nelson -
Omaima Nelson was a woman who killed her abusive husband on Thanksgiving Day. She served him up with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner!

Peter Bryan -
Police found this London man's frying pan with tissues of a man's brain on the stove! "I ate his brains with butter. 

Matthew William -
Matthew William was found inside a hotel room eating the face of a woman in the United Kingdom.

Stockholm cannibal -
A Swedish professor was charged with cutting off his wife's lower lip and eating it after becoming suspicious that his spouse was cheating on him!

Moscow man-eaters - In Moscow, three homeless men were arrested on suspicion of having killed a man, eating parts of his corpse, and then selling the rest to a kebab vendor. 

Joseph Oberhansley -
Another brain-eater was this killer who consumed parts of his girlfriend's brain, heart, and lungs.

Austin Harrouff - A 19-year-old Florida State University student was found inside a garage chewing on the face of a man after having killed him and his wife.

Yoo Young-chul - Yoo Young-chul was a South Korean serial killer targeting rich people and women. He admitted to eating his victim's organs. 

Jeffrey Dahmer - Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal and serial killer who murdered 17 males from the late 1970's to early 1990's.

Albert Fish -
This American serial killer ate a ten-year-old girl in 1928 by the name of Grace Budd, cooking her buttocks in the oven.

Andrei Chikatilo -
This Soviet cannibal would eat the blood of his victims and tear off their genitalia, tongues, and lips with his teeth.

Issei Sagawa - Issei Sagawa shot a Dutch student in his apartment after inviting her over for a school assignment. He then ate parts of her body.

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