These 2000s fashion trends coming back

Button-up cardigans - These were fairly popular in the 2000s. All it takes is for a supermodel to start wearing these again, and voila—it's trendy again.

Tea dresses - This casual wear staple, made popular by A-listers such as Kate Moss in the 2000s, is back.

Chokers - Yes we know, these necklaces are so early 2000s. But guess what? They're back and many stars are already wearing them!

Velour tracksuits - These two-piece tracksuits were popular among celebs in the 2000s and are yet another piece that has made a comeback.

Chunky sneakers - Remember dad sneakers? These bring back the '90s and early 2000s vibe. 

Tie dye - These have been in and out of fashion since the '60s. They're back again so it's time to indulge in some psychedelic patterns and colors.

Crystal drop earrings - Remember when everyone was wearing what seemed like tiny crystal chandeliers as earrings? They're back in fashion.

Camo - Ah, the good old days when Destiny’s Child was rocking camo at every opportunity. Well, it's time get back in camouflage.

Zebra print - But it's not only leopard print that is making a comeback. Zebra print is equally trendy.

Snakeskin - Yes, in addition to leopard and zebra prints, we also have snakeskin. Feel free to stock up on animal print clothes this year.

Heeled flip-flops - Fenty Puma By Rihanna debuted these in 2017, and other brands soon followed. 

Fishnets - You might remember Gwen Stefani rocking these in the 2000s. Pantyhose, socks, or tops—there are many ways you can wear fishnets.

Hair clips - A practical and fashionable accessory, the hair clip comes in many shapes and forms. Adorn your hair with some this year.

Hot pink - Remember Paris Hilton rocking this color in the 2000s? It's back in fashion and it looks bolder than ever

Lime green - Colors come and go. Lime green has made a comeback and many stars are wearing it.

Slingback pumps - These are classy and look great. We're happy they're making a comeback, and so is Chloë Grace Moretz.

Tube tops - Like strapless bras, you might spend a good portion of your day adjusting your tube top. 

Denim skirts - Jean skirts were big in the 2000s. We say it's about time we take our denim skirts out of our closets.

Baby tees - Cropped tops have made a come back, and so have baby tees. Here's Miley Cyrus rocking one beside her ex, Kaitlynn Carter.

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