These celebrities now have regular jobs

Gene Hackman - However, the veteran took a break from acting and is now a novelist.

Steven Seagal - Although he still acts, the actor took on another job in 2013. He was named deputy to Sheriff Todd Garrison in New Mexico, in the US.

Tony Danza - The actor is best known as the protagonist of the TV shows 'Taxi' and now he hosts shows at a number of bars.

Tom Selleck - To get away from the stresses of Hollywood, the actor now manages a huge avocado farm.

Amanda Bynes - Nowadays, the actress is a fashion designer and has decided to finish her studies.

Jack Gleeson - But he has decided to take a new direction in his career, and despite not quitting acting completely, the actor is now a ventriloquist and makes puppets.

Frankie Muniz - The young actor is now a racing driver and also plays the drums!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Though acting is still part of his life, Thomas is now a writer.

Nikki Blonsky - Acting is now a thing of the past, and Blonsky has become a hairdresser.

Taran Noah Smith -
He currently devotes his time to putting on exhibitions in art galleries and museums and wrote a book on the "sharks" of show business.

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