These gorgeous celebs hate working out

SofĂ­a Vergara - The 'Modern Family' star calls working out a "torture" and wishes she could love it.

Britney Spears - The pop star told Glamour that she thinks that working out every day is horrible, but she does it two to three times a week.

Emma Stone - The actress told S Magazine that working out awakens a rage within her, and she doesn't really want that. 

Rihanna - Riri gets bored pretty quickly, so she avoids working out at the gym, doing the same things all the time.

Blake Lively - Lively has confessed how much she hates the gym, and how much she loves chocolate!

Reese Witherspoon - The actress told Us Weekly she would be a very happy person if she never had to see the inside of a gym again.

Eva Mendes - Mendes says she's just like every other women, in that she loves chocolate and hates working out. 

Mary J. Blige - The singer wishes there was a pill she could take instead of having to go to the gym.

Eva Longoria - The actress says she's always hoping for her trainer to cancel the session. That's how much she doesn't like working out!

Kristen Stewart - The actress says all her family is skinny, so she doesn't need to exercise.

Jennifer Lawrence - Lawrence has said that nothing can motivate her to diet and exercise. 

Katy Perry - The singer has said that she doesn't look forward to any kind of workout, unless it's hiking with her girlfriends.

Sienna Miller - Miller says she's not a gym person because she gets bored really easily. 

Gigi Hadid - The model has expressed her hatred for SoulCycle, calling it "the worst thing ever."

Jessica Alba - Jessica Alba thinks working out sucks, but she does enjoy taking classes.

Keira Knightley - The actress apparently hates going to the gym. "I cannot stand it," she told S Magazine.

Caroline de Maigret - Maigret hates sport in general. "I don't like watching it, I don't like doing it," she said.

Gabrielle Union - Gabrielle Union says she'd rather start the day by sleeping in and eating pancakes than by working out. 

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