Things everyone should know how to repair

Tighten a loose doorknob -
Jiggly doorknobs are just painfully annoying. All you need are some basic tools to tighten the inner screws.

Fix a crooked cabinet door -
Nobody likes a cabinet door that hangs annoyingly. The good news is it can be fixed by installing a longer, wider screw, which will be able to grab the wood better.

Fix a clogged drain -
Clogged drains always happen at the worst times. Keep a plunger and drain snake on hand to clear it up. It shouldn't take more than an hour.

Unclog a toilet -
As panicked as you'll get, don't worry: it's easy to unclog a toilet. All you need is a plunger, rubber gloves, and a bucket.

Sew on a button -
If your favorite shirt loses a button, it can be tempting to throw it in the donation pile. Learning how to sew on a button is easy!

Change a car's oil -
Knowing how to change a car's oil is another thing that will make for a more self-sufficient life. It will just take some practice, and the willingness to get dirty.

Fix a running toilet -
It's important to fix your running toilet. Fixing it won't only give your toilet a stronger flush, it can lower your water bill as well.

Get the washing machine balanced -
Imagine you throw a heavy load of laundry in the washer, and it's unbalanced. Fix this in five minutes with a level, pliers, and a pry bar.

Repair your favorite sweater - Sometimes all you need is to repair holes and unraveled seams to make the garment look like new again.

Repair the gutters -
Gutters can easily sag and leak due to wind, heavy rain ETC. But if you have a cordless drill, then you can fix your gutters and save some money.

Fix the window screens -
Window screens can get punctured or torn, but as long as the frame is fine, then the repairs are easy. And they'll be done in a few minutes.

Repair your deck -
Decks can easily have missing screws, squeaky nails, and wobbly railings. Fortunately, many of these problems are easily fixed by an average DIYer.

Be on top of your HVAC -
Annual maintenance wards off many HVAC problems. But if you have any minor problems, then you can usually fix them yourself.

Fix leather and vinyl -
If you have a vinyl sofa, or leather seats in your car, fix those tears before they get bigger. All you need is an inexpensive repair kit and a little patience. 

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