Things that are damaging your hearing, and how to protect it

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Using a gas-powered lawn mower, leaf blower, or snow blower: -Lawn mowers typically register at 80 to 85 decibels, while leaf blowers and snow blowers can be as loud as 100 decibels.

Hitting the road with a motorcycle: -At about 80 to 100 decibels, the classic vroom sound of a motorcycle engine can damage your hearing over time.

Going to a sports event: -Noise levels at sports events can reach dangerous levels, even when at an outdoor venue. 

City traffic: -If you're often caught in city traffic, beware: heavy traffic noise can range from 80 to 90 decibels, which can cause hearing damage.

Hearing the shrill of a siren: -You might want to plug your ears when you hear sirens.

Listening to music with headphones or earbuds: -Many devices have a maximum volume of 110 decibels, a level that can harm your hearing in just five minutes.

Going to a live concert: -This one might not surprise you. But just like sporting events, concerts are also pretty noisy, with sounds ranging from 94 to 110 decibels.

A night at the movies: -Watching the latest action flick could leave your ears a bit damaged.

Hunting or target shooting: -Hunting or target shooting can cause serious damage to your ears.

Attending a fireworks display: -The visual that make fireworks might be spectacular, but the noise is dangerous and can reach 140 to 160 decibels.

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