Everyday things you didn’t realize are harming your mental health

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Doomscrolling: - Also referred to as doomsurfing, The New York Times’ Kevin Roose described the modern phenomenon as “falling into deep.

Keeping your phone volume on or buzzing: -Notifications have been shown to trigger a release of dopamine, and excessive smartphone use can cause a form of addiction.

Looking at the mirror every morning: -We can’t help it, we all occasionally fall victim to bullying ourselves in the mirror.

Eating lunch at your desk: -Work can be stressful and eating lunch at your desk might seem like the only option, but it can actually worsen the stress. 

Eating in front of the TV: -When you eat without focusing on your food, your mind struggles to appreciate the taste or recognize your fullness.

Small talk: - One kind of offline relationship that isn’t helpful, however, is small talk, as it can feel even more isolating. 

Being indoors too much: - A lack of sunlight and vitamin D have been directly linked to depressive symptoms.

Preferring online to offline relationships: -Sending a text instead of calling, or an email instead of going to someone’s office, are commonplace these days. 

Scheduling too much: -Overwhelming your days has become linked with a “productive” lifestyle, but it can actually harm your productivity. 

Checking your phone mindlessly: - According to research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, compulsive or excessive use of a smartphone.

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